J Doobie

J.Doobie was born under a government name better suited for a Senator or Congressman in the great state of Texas. Raised on the North West side of Houston. At an early age good music permeated his parent's home and his ear drums. Everything from the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys to the Beatles and the Ghetto Boys. Once as a teen he searched out great rap and hip hop, from U.G.K (R.I.P Pimp C and One Love To Bun B), Scarface, Jay-Z, (R.I.P) Tupac, (R.I.P)Biggie, Three 6 Mafia, Devin the Dude, Tela, 8 Ball and M.J.G, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Dead Prez amongst many others. After hearing the strong basslines and universal language of hip hop J.Doobie was hooked.

Struggling but graduating high school and getting in trouble he decided that maybe living a Mile High was a more fitting lifestyle, so he moved to Colorado and got in more trouble, selling marijuana to an undercover (fuck snitches). Once getting through some legal woes J.Doobie the artist was born between a flame of a lighter and a really (really..really!) good blunt while listening to some incredible beats The one and only goal of J.Doobie is to get everyone high off of humor and fun!

Smoke Good Or Don't Smoke